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Fit For Duty - The Basics is designed to give Employers, Managers, Supervisors, Employees, Contractors, and anyone else working in the field of safety an overview of the Fit For Duty work model and an understanding of why being Fit For Duty is essential while at work. Read More

The Employee courses are focused on building a well-rounded, high level understanding of impairment related issues, with a particular focus on cannabis.  You will be given an overall understanding of the rights and responsibilities of everyone on the worksite when it comes to impairment, safety, and responding to incidents or suspicion.  In addition, you will be given a more in-depth look at impairment awareness, and your role within this as well as best practices and processes you should implement in their daily work lives for enhanced impairment awareness and safety.  Read More

This course will provide you with a basis of information to form good workplace awareness habits and an overall enhanced awareness to impairment in general, with a particular focus on impairment from cannabis use. This course meets the requirements set out in the COAA Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace. Read More

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of cannabis in the context of the workplace, as well as some of the key rights and responsibilities you have. Read More

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