Managing Cannabis and the Workplace: Impairment Awareness

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This course is intended to provide you with a basis for enhanced awareness and response to impairment in general, and with a particular focus on impairment from cannabis use.  This course meets the requirements set out in the COAA Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace.


You will:

  • Understand what impairment is, and impairment awareness language
  • Be shown details on cannabis, alcohol, and other drugs, and how they affect users
  • Be explained best practices for maintaining high impairment awareness on worksites
  • Review information on impaired driving
  • Understand how to react to situations of impairment
  • Understand the process for documenting reasonable cause and triggering testing
  • Know the importance of confidentiality and record-keeping
  • Know when and why to test for impairment
  • Get some post-incident testing tips and timelines
  • Know when and why to use drug testing for reasonable cause
  • Understand how testing can happen
  • Know who is responsible for testing
  • Be reminded of the importance of policy updates and explained which updates should be prioritized


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate CLS Certificate

Impairment Awareness
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